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Community portal

Welcome to the community portal. This is the place to find out what is happening on Learn what tasks need to be done, and get or post news about recent events or current activities.

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  • Help with reading or editing a wiki
  • A place to discuss things with other users
  • A place to discuss content

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  • Fri Aug 8, 2008: We now have a bulletin board!

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Help out is a comprehensive resource on SIGMA and Discrete Event Simulation. However, there are always new and exciting uses for SIGMA being discovered. Registered users can help make this resource even more comprehensive!

Things to do

  • Add links to external references wherever it may be helpful for context or background reading
  • Add links to internal pages wherever topics are mentioned that can be better illustrated by another internal page
  • Add models to the Model Library that use SIGMA to especially illustrate a topic in event graph modeling, or that use SIGMA in a new or interesting context.


To improve the quality of articles that are short or lacking in detail, Wikipedia's community organizes collaborations to expand articles.

{{Wikipedia:Community portal/ctc-summary}}

Template:Announcements/Current collaborations

Other collaborations

Active improvement teams


Template:/Maintenance collaboration


WikiProjects are ongoing team efforts to improve articles having to do with a particular subject, and to manage the logistics of that topic. Hundreds exist—examine the master list to find one that interests you. They are separate from, though may work with, Collaborations.

Language translation

Wikipedia is not just in English. Versions exist in many different languages. To fill in some of the English Wikipedia's gaps, we translate articles from other languages into English. You can view a list of articles that need translation from any language, or, in a few cases, by only one language (this is only available for the more popular languages).

Guidelines, help, and resources

Wikipedia has many help pages, policies, and departments. Here are some of the most general. For a comprehensive list of Wikipedia's departments, see the Wikipedia department directory.



Policies and guidelines

Wikipedia has many established policies, guidelines, conventions, and traditions. This is a very brief sampling of some of the most important; for more information, see the main policies and guidelines page. Policies and guidelines apply both to articles and how to work with fellow editors. For easy access, the shortcuts to the pages are also listed.

Article standards

Be bold! WP:BB • WP:BOLD
Citing sources WP:CITE • WP:REF
Copyrights WP:C
Editing WP:EP
External links WP:EL
Image use WP:IUP
Include only verifiable information WP:V
Manual of Style WP:MOS • WP:STYLE
Neutral point of view WP:NPOV  • WP:NEU
What Wikipedia is not WP:WWIN • WP:NOT

Working with others

Assume good faith WP:AGF • WP:FAITH
Avoid instruction creep WP:CREEP
Civility and etiquette WP:CIV • WP:EQ
Consensus WP:CON
Don't bite the newcomers WP:BITE
Don't disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point WP:POINT
No personal attacks WP:NPA • WP:ATTACK
Resolving disputes WP:DR
Vandalism WP:VAND


New user information

Introduction · Sandbox · Help · Adoption · What Wikipedia is not · Glossary · Account benefits · Planning school assignments

Ways to communicate

Contact (overview) · Discussion pages · Mailing lists · IRC chat · Meetups · User pages · Requests for comment · Public watchlists · Regional notice boards · Administrators' noticeboard · Requests for article feedback · Local Embassy

Community support groups and programs

Welcoming committee · Editor assistance · Wiki-adoption · Birthday Committee · Harmonious editing club · Kindness Campaign · Reach out · Stress alerts · Wikipedia awards program · Dept. of Fun · One featured article per quarter · Missing encyclopedic articles

Common procedures

Featured content · Good articles · Requests for feedback · Deleting a page (full policy) · Moving a page (naming policies) · Protecting a page (full policy) · Reverting a page · Administrator nominations (summaries) · Category-based access

How to resolve conflicts

Stay cool! · Be nice to newcomers · Alert others · Dispute resolution · Arbitration policy

Community information

About Wikipedia · Goings-on · About Wikimedia · Wikipedians · Wiki-adoption · Donations · Administrators · Babel · Culture · Games · Humor · Mottoes

Related communities


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