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Hardware Recommendations

SIGMA runs on specific versions of Microsoft Windows (2000/NT/XP/Vista or previous). Any computer capable of running these versions of Windows will run SIGMA. To take full advantage of SIGMA, the Windows' spreadsheet program, Excel, and a word processor are useful. A Microsoft Visual C/C++ Compiler Version 6.0 will allow you to compile SIGMA-generated C programs; there is no guarantee the compiled C code will run in other operating systems.


If you would like to install Sigma, you can download a copy by clicking one of the following links:

Trial/Academic version of Sigma here.

Professional version of Sigma here.


If you already have a copy of SIGMA.EXE on your computer, you may need to replace it with an updated version. If you have the installation CD, follow the READTHIS.TXT instructions as follows.

INSTALL: Copy the entire CD into your C drive (creating a folder called C:\SIGMA with three subfolders).

UNINSTALL: Simply erase the C:\SIGMA folder and all subfolders.

Sigma does not write anything into the Windows Operating System Registry.

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