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SIGMA Educational Software

Click here to download latest free educational release of SIGMA

If you are familiar with the academic SIGMA that has been in use for decades, you will feel at home with its simplicity, flexibility, and easy of use. SIGMA is now professionally developed and supported. It is the most powerful, flexible, robust, completely general, and fastest ANALYTICAL simulation software available.

  • Inspired by and named after the first discrete event simulation language ever to run on any PC.
  • Professionally developed from time-proven modeling and software concepts.
  • Learn in minutes to simulate any system at any level of detail (Turing Complete).
  • The best way to teach and learn any and all simulation languages. (Students taught with SIGMA win prizes, including first place in the IIE Arena language contest!)
  • The most powerful, fastest, and flexible analytical simulation software anywhere. (A must addition to any Simulation Professional’s toolbox.)
  • Fully interactive modeling and execution: change anything while the simulation runs. (Even create and execute new events!)
  • One-click translation of models to simple English, absolutely accurate documentation.
  • One-click portable simulation engines for dynamic spreadsheets and web sites.
  • Full experimental design flexibility with simple run batching and spreadsheet templates.
  • Full source code for any model - no black-box mystery codes.
  • Safe, effective, fast, and signed installer / uninstaller.
  • Natural ease of use, speed, with intuitive dialogs and display.
  • Full online documentation at
  • No size limits on runs or outputs - designed for analysis.
  • Identical Animation and Model execution – not merely integrated software.
  • Updated teaching models and spreadsheet templates for building simulation products.
  • Software Development Kit: generates and compiles fast, powerful model source code in seconds that can be used in other code, or in Excel Spreadsheets.
  • Full 32/64 bit OS compatibility (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,...).
  • Educational software is only limited in size, unlimited in access and power. The educational version of SIGMA has a limit of 15 vertices and state variables.
  • When answers, in addition to animations, are needed - SIGMA provides the analytical power.

Professional Licenses for SIGMA development

Click here to order Professional SIGMA online.

  • Make larger models that can be created and run anywhere.
  • Includes a Sigma Redistribution SDK for delivering your model and spreadsheets to a client.
  • Use to create custom simulation products in dynamic spreadsheets or on web sites.

There is a discount for academic researchers. (You will need to provide proof of your eligibility.)

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